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Robot brains

 TalkBotBrain v1
TalkBot Brain - IS NOW ON SALE!

This miniature robot controller "brain" features a PIC microcontroller and 1 Megabit of eeprom sound storage. It can control 8 servos and play up to 256 sounds, so this tiny PCB (45 x 34mm) can act as a complete talking robot brain.

TalkBot Brain comes fully assembled with surface mount ICs, and is already programmed with "slave" software. The slave software accepts 2-byte serial commands using just one PIC pin to control 8 servos and play sounds. You just need to attach a DC power source (5v to 15v) and a speaker.

 TalkBotBrain and Servo

TalkBot Brain has open-source PIC software, all the PIC source code is provided in C. You can use it straight out of the box to add speech and extra servos to your existing robot, or reprogram the PIC yourself so that TalkBot Brain becomes a stand-alone controller for a small simple robot or other device.

Make your robot talk!

We provide free easy to use Windows software that enables you to take sounds from any wave (.WAV) files, join the sounds into one handy sound "library" and download the sound library direct into TalkBot Brain. Add speech to a robot or home appliance, build a talking clock, the applications are up to you. You do not need to do any PIC programming to load your own sounds into TalkBot Brain.

TalkBot Brain holds a total of 23.8 seconds of 1.5bit sound, indexed for playback of up to 256 individual sounds, all at a playback rate of 44.1kHz. That is about 50 spoken words!

TalkBotBrain v1


  • Tiny size 45 x 34mm
  • Input voltage range 5v to 15v
  • Fully assembled and pre-programmed
  • 18-pin PIC, popular 16F series at 20MHz (open source code)
  • Receives 2-byte serial commands at 19200 baud
  • Automatically drives 8 servos
  • 1 Megabit (23.8 seconds @ 44.1kHz) of non-volatile sound
  • Playback up to 256 individual sounds
  • Free Windows software to make sound libraries
  • Sound library download/upload via PC serial port
  • 2 buttons, 2 LEDs
  • Specialty design energy-efficient features;
    • Low quiescent current low-dropout 5v regulator
    • Tiny speaker amp uses no power unless playing
    • RS232 driver uses no power unless downloading
    • Requires less than 5mA idle, around 20mA playing
    • Can be programmed for "sleep mode" using even less power
    • Suitable for talking remote controls

    Also check out the TalkBot free resources page!

    TalkBot Prices
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    10 $12.20 $3.05
    1x Accessories KIT $8.00 Free
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    TalkBot Accessories KIT includes; Serial Programming cable, 9v battery clip, small speaker.

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